It is born out from our faith in Him. His love and mercy inspire a great desire to reveal the goodness in each of us. We are reflections of His image. That is a fundamental truth that unites our hearts in the world of polyphonic norms and disintegration. Our identity is awakened in the experience of His presence. We are all pilgrims on our journey to overcome the fear of differences and isolation. Our mission is to convey faith, love and hope through walking together instead of creating divisions. In God we are one.



Christian Unity helps to express authenticity through design. We believe our collection unveils the Spirit of Truth and unifies the street in Faith.



Our history started out from our faith in him. We are family business with thirty-plus years’ experience in light textile industry. Christian Unity operates out of Poland,  the city of Lodz once European capital of light  textile industry that after millennium crisis is being reborn again. We know how to knit, sew and design. We combine what we know with our great passion and faith in Him.



Our Vision is to bring one hundred thousands souls closer to God by 2022.



Our mission is to change people’s relationship with their clothing. We want to bring God closer to the body and soul of each of our customers while using an ethical approach.

Fair Labour. All our products are made in Europe. We pay a living wage, cover health insurance and adhere to all laws and regulations (social security, vacation pay, paid sick leave). Our attrition rate is one of the lowest in the industry. No child labour is used.

Product Design. We aim for lasting value believing that most sustainable product is one that the customer does not have to replace. We use minimal packaging and creatively handle the leftover fabric.

Community. We serve the local community by donating 1% of net profit to The Gajusz Foundation, which takes care of terminally ill children. The leftover fabric from our production process is used to organise sewing workshops for the children at The Oncology Unit of The Medical University Hospital in Lodz. We bank locally.